Holidays Decorations Tips Hanging Christmas lights

The Christmas holidays return annually and sometimes, we are caught off guard without enough preparation. To avoid the rush, it is essential that we plan for the outdoor Christmas decorations early enough.

When hanging Christmas lights, it is important to follow and consider the following tips;

1. Select and evaluate all your desired positions. This is where one starts with the trees, windows, doors, bushes and the roof line.

2. Ensure you have all the appropriate materials required including; the lights, the C7 and C9 bulbs, the timers and controllers, and the light clips.

3. Test the lights. It is essential to test the work ability of the lights on the ground before hanging them. After this step, you can go ahead to the next step.

4. Calculating the power voltage.  Make sure you have enough power to prevent overloading circuits.

Here, you first settle on the bulb spacing where the best spacing is between 12” and 15” inches. Christmas Light Decoration IdeasClose proximity makes the lights color to blend. After this, it is important to calculate the voltage to avoid overloading the circuit. To determine the most appropriate wattage, one should know bulbs wattage and the number of sockets available.

Attach lights to the roof line- This is where you attach your lights to shutters or shingles either pointing up or down or in whatever direction you desire using the all-purpose clips.

Attach the lights to trees-When hanging Christmas lights on the tree, it is better off when one is using a light hanging pole than any other tools such as the ladder.

Hang lights on railings-Railings are also among the suitable positions for hanging the lights using deck clips to attach the lights.

5. Set up a timer

To achieve technology at its best, one can plug all those lights into an outdoor timer that will automatically turn off at dusk at the set time intervals. One can also connect an indoor switch so that one can switch the lights on and off as they wish.

Websites like offer a wide variety of Christmas lights and LED lights to incorporate into your holiday lighting display. They offer a wide selection of lights and components that can be combined in decorative ways to create an epic display on your house or home.

When planning for the outdoor Christmas light shows, it is essential to develop a plot of the various eye-catching locations. One, it is important that you pick a focal point e.g the entryway framed columns, secondly, consider the surface e.g the roof line width and thickness of the gutter and the shingle flexibility. It is also important to measure any straight line you aspire to decorate to determine the strands you require for the outdoor Christmas display.

Among the most suited locations to have the outdoor Christmas displays include; Window boxes and planters, driveways and paths, around pillars and deck railings, along roof lines, at the top of bushes, trees and hedges. In addition, the number of lights you need is of your choice depending on the one’s preference.